Volmar Risuparta

Frithlandish mage

Volmar Risuparta
Race: Human
(Homeland: Frithland)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Accumulated Building Points: 6
Class: Mage
Level: 1st
Experience: 105
(For Next Level: 400)
Ability Scores:
09/38 STR (Dmg. -1, Feat of Str. -2)
13/70 INT (Att. +1)
07/94 WIS (Init. +3, Def. -1)
07/88 DEX (Init. +4, Att. -1, Def. -2)
11/87 CON
06/28 LKS
06/06 CHA (Turning Mod. -4)
Honour Score: 11

Honour Category: Average
(Honour Window: 11-20)

Honour Bonuses or Penalties:
+1 to any one die roll per session
(Mulligan? No)
Hit Points: 23 Threshold of Pain: 8
Patron God(s): Riftmaster(?)
(Anointed? No)
Handedness: Right
Quirks & Flaws:
Bad Liar
Trick Knee
Sex: Male
Age: 27 years
Height: 68 inches (5’8")
Weight: 195 lbs (11st 3lbs)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Appraisal, Books, Maps & Documents 15%, Arcane Lore 22%, HidingU 7%, History(Ancient: The Light) 23%, Language (Thylli)N 81%, Language (Common) 35%, ListeningU 7%, Literacy (Kandaar) 27%, Monster Lore 35%.
U = Universal Skill, N = Native Language (Universal), C = Class Core Skill
Mitigate spell Fatigue x2, Improved Awareness.
Weapons: Staff.
Other: Magical Transcription, Local History, Etquette/Manners.
Racial Abilities:
Half price Merchant’s Tongue language.

Volmar Risuparta is frail looking middle aged man from Frithland. More description to follow…


Volmar descends from a lineage of his great-great-….-great-grandfather Orvar, who was once a member The Light. Orvar married/took an Anethian lesser noble girl as his wife and lived in southern lands for years. His first son later followed the tracks of Kandaar and settled nearby the newly built Winter Haven. Some distant relatives of Volmar still live in Winter Haven but Volmar isn’t directly part of their clan as he is part of the lineage on his grandmother’s side and his grandfather Voldor belonged to another clan. Volmar’s father Voldemar was a shire reeve of the village Arinnbekkr and was married to Autere, a young daughter of the Clanhead. They had 5 children with Volmar being the firstborn.

His father quickly figured out his thin and weak firstborn would not be a warrior type. Being a reeve and responsible for the village’s fields and number of different resources he had also eye for Volmar’s aptitude to mental skills. Thus Volmar was given lessons to read and write and count, while his younger brother Valder pursued more physical activities. The twin sisters Velda and valda grew up to be beautiful young maidens even though their work was needed in fields and chores as usual. The youngest sister Viena was always keen to play with Volmar as a child and grew up to be a smart girl and a loyal friend to Volmar.

Volmar had just turned to sixteen when the village was attacked by raiding orcs/bandits/… All the able men of the village were called to arms to defend the village. Shire reeve Voldemar with his sons were naturally also participating in the fight. Volmar was alone with his father when one brutish opponent punctured his father’s lung with his spear but Voldemar took the orc with him, decapitating the beast with one last hefty strike. Volmar was shocked and could not help his father as he died in his arms. Later Volmar’s brother found them after the battle was over and ever since he has accused Volmar of their father’s death even though it was inevitable no matter what Volmar could have done.

Less than year after the battle their mother Autere was remarried by Eskil, a lesser noble from Winter Haven who was appointed as a new shire reeve. Quickly he arranged the marriages of the beutiful twin ladies to his brothers in Avarrtoft and Hrimivik. Strong and ablebodied Valder was sent to Winter Haven to join the honored city guard. Viena was yet too young to marry so she stayed at home.

Volmar was also sent out of sight of Eskil. But not suited for physical labor or fighting, Eskil sent Volmar to his uncle Wilho, a scholar of very little reputation at Seerstone. Unbeknownst to Eskil, his uncle Wilho was in fact learned in wizardry and after Volmar had done tedious copying of mundane writings Wilho decided to teach the secrets to Volmar too. But only if volmar vowed to keep Wilho’s “idiotic nephew” Eskil in dark of Wilho’s skills.

Meanwhile Eskil was diligently trying to sire his own heirs with Autere but for some reason his two first sons were stillborn, his first daughter lived only 4 months after she found dead in cradle and their second daughter was again stillborn. Eskil blamed Autere for all this of course. After the first four attempts Autere has either been barren all together or Eskil has stopped trying. Volmar’s youngest sister Viena lives still at home under a great shame of being second time pregnant for an illegitimate child. Her first child being also stillborn has aroused some grim suspicions and tension in the village.


Volmar Risuparta

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