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Welcome HackMasters of Europe! This online ‘living’ gazetteer exists to provide you with information and a creative outlet for what I believe to be the first dedicated online game of HackMaster in Europe. The game is HackMaster Basic, supplemented by preview material from the forthcoming advanced game.

Campaign Setting

Kandaaria is a land bounded by dominant natural features on three sides. From the south east the Howling Mountains arc around to the north where longest of the continent’s western fjords cut into the land, and dense woodlands form Kandaaria’s western border. The northern tribes are nomadic herdsmen, whilst in the warmer southern climes farming has taken hold. There are few large settlements in Kandaaria and most of these are in the south.

Culturally the south is similar to the default psuedo-European medievalism of most fantasy role-playing games, whilst the north is more of Norse-influenced milieu. Having scandinavian players in the group should certainly help in that regard!

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